Our Philosophy

Greek philosopher Plato may  inspire advertisers to  wield myth to communicate (or control) when he wrote  Allegory of the Cave.

Our approach, Audience First Communication,  differs by building upon what Plato's student, Aristotle, wrote on the art of persuasion, Rhetoric.

To be persuasive is to be a credible source, to make a logical argument, and/or to make a compelling emotional appeal.

True storytelling fits all three; Myth fails.

When writing  political speeches and messaging, as we have, you practice the art of rhetoric  daily. You learn that  the message matters, but so does your messenger, their delivery and whether they are heard.

The wordsmith, the master or student of the art of rhetoric, is behind-the-scenes, whispering to the speaker. We liken the work to 'Whispering,' because it is so personal, direct and powerful.

Even with the right message and a trained messenger, the message  can fall flat if the right audience is not engaged.

The key insight is to understand that stories can be told of the creators in a desired audience, they are the messenger.

For Aristotle, the right message should come from the right person. Creators are the right people for your message, with an engaged audience prepared to act.

The 1-9-90 Principle was discovered and validated as a rule applying to all participatory websites on the internet. 

We apply this principle to every community and  culture and creator.

How well do you know the audience you are trying to persuade?

Do you know the leading creators in that community?

Are you willing to take those people to dinner (a whisper)  to start a conversation?

Audience First Communication stands for communicating authentically, truthfully and for meaningful causes. 

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