My Process Adapts to Meet Your Needs

Storytelling Examples Demonstrate Limitless Flexibility


Blockchain / Cryptocurrency

White Paper, et al.

At the heart of every successful blockchain project is a foundational white paper. This story is written for a highly-sophisticated audience, requires interpretation of highly-technical concepts, and is supported by highly-sourced material to add ecosystem relevance and context.

In 2016, I worked with a new blockchain project based in Oakland that is building itself to first solve the woes of the global events ticketing industry, and then ambitiously serve as a battle-tested platform for all other digital assets. 


Assisted-Living / Older Adults

Strategic Vision Paper

There is a generational shift happening as the Baby Boomer Generation starts to age in to assisted-living and other older adult lifestyle options. Concluding a 6-month strategic research and planning process to better address the needs of this changing population, a large non-profit serving the community looked to synthesize their findings to an impactful story.

In 2016, I wrote a strategic vision paper that elegantly served as the primary document for efforts to fund the next phase of work.


Assisted-Living / Older Adults

Audience Personas 

Knowing your audience and ensuring that your audience has an authentic seat at every communication/growth decision is key to success in a crowded market. This is particularly true for healthcare agencies serving the needs of older adults which are seeing a generational transformation in their customer base.

In 2016, I started the process of developing the character archetypes with an interactive team workshop. This work continues now as I fully develop the audience personas with both quantitative and qualitative methods.