Sparking Trust

Recognizing Social Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders
& New Business Owners


Better Business Bureau is a network of 105 independently incorporated non-profits in North America.

The BBB Spark Award is their recognition program to reach new entrepreneurs and those under 35 years old.

Better Business Bureau

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To roll out an award program to BBBs ASAP to build a meaningful relationship with BBBs and young entrepreneurs and new business owners.


Utilizing the Strategic Blueprint method, OneNineNinety developed a comprehensive Brand + Marketing Toolkit for BBBs to come to the table with the right message and tools.

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David and the OneNineNinety team helped our organization win by delivering exactly what we needed to roll this program out internationally. His strong character, transparent culture of working with partners, and demonstrated practice of giving back to our community make him a great fit to continue working with the BBB and any organization looking to win.
— Kip Morse, BBB of Central Ohio