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Brand Storytelling is Personal. 


My career started in Washington, D.C. as speechwriter for the late U.S. Senator George V. Voinovich.

Speechwriting taught me how to craft stories that move audiences with grace.

Speeches are merely collections of stories.

Each story serves to help the audience relate and connect to the speaker or topic. There's a purpose to tell a story.

Eventually I left politics to build brands including Intel and Google.

The challenge I saw then is just as evident today:

Brands of all sizes are really bad at telling their own story.

Inside a brand there's inherent bias and fear toward leadership, insular ways of talking about things that don't make sense in the real world, and are simply too close to see the context for the story.

The result is a brand story that doesn't work.

As Your Brand's Personal Storyteller, I treat your brand like a speechwriter would: as a real person that needs to relate and connect to an audience through stories that matter.

I created OneNineNinety to fill this much-needed role for brands:

  • To memorialize and celebrate your brand ethos through words.
  • To create content that compels your audience to take action.
  • To warmly introduce your brand to your many audiences.

The future of storytelling isn't bigger committees and larger agencies, it is one talented person that understands your brand voice and knows your audiences.

And this idea is bigger than me; that's why it's OneNineNinety.

But it's personal to me.

If your brand needs a personal storyteller, consider my background and expertise  and let me know if you are open to working together.


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David All
Founder and CEO


"Brands of all sizes are really bad at telling their own story."

- David All

David All of OneNineNinety shares his story at Startup Storytellers.

David All of OneNineNinety shares his story at Startup Storytellers.



Brand Platform Storytelling

  • Branding
    Brand ethos, brand story, brand platform, naming/mark

  • Audience Persona & Customer Journey
    Know your audience and intercept opportunities!

  • Content and Messaging
    Audience storytelling, website content, video scripts, op-eds

  • Long-form Storytelling Projects
    Presentations, investor pitch decks, technical white papers, speeches

  • Website Design and Development
    Audience-centered design

  • Digital Strategy and Communication Planning
    Consulting your team around your objectives

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My Storytelling Strengths


Every shape has a story; at age 38, this is my journey to authentic leadership.

Every shape has a story; at age 38, this is my journey to authentic leadership.


The Science of Storytelling is Accessible

Whether you are my client or not, I am committed to bringing the science of storytelling to your hands. In fact, I have already publicly released five free Field Tools for Storytelling.

Field Tools for Storytelling are a mix of my inventions or sourced re-interpretations of classic storytelling techniques and methods intended to be applied to real world brands, organizations and leaders.

  • StoryOutline: Foundational storytelling tool used to outline a long-form story together.

  • StoryShape: Can be used with StoryOutline or separate. A way to visualize the emotions of a story aiding in restructuring.

  • StoryCloud: The words and visceral language your audience uses to describe a brand.

  • StoryFlight: An analogy used to prepare for public speaking.

  • Pitch Deck Checklist: A worksheet used to put together a pitch deck for a startup or new product.


One story that never gets old


1-9-90 Principle

In every  Internet community, one percent (or less) create all of the content, nine percent engage with content, and 90 percent consume what is there. [Wikipedia]

Applying the 1-9-90 Principle (right) to your audience allows us to logically partner and build relationships with those that matter most.

This is our Audience-First philosophy in action.


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