A better answer for "What do you do?"


What do you do?

When someone asks you what you do, don’t press play on your “elevator pitch” that every business consultant has you practice or even says you need. It’s not true.

We are humans communicating to one another so take advantage of that!

Try putting our communication philosophy, The Audience is the Message, into practice.

Focus first on the audience & communicate, don’t pitch:

  1. Gauge knowledge on industry

    Start with a broad question to get them talking about their knowledge of the industry and even tells you what they do and how you could tailor your story better.

  2. The problem you solve as a conversation, not a pitch

    If they have revealed enough information that you think they understand what it is you really do, focus on the problem that you solve and leave openings for back-and-forth conversation about it.

  3. Finally, be specific

    This is where you finally mention what you do and how you do it specifically. Maybe you work for a company or have a specific title. This closes the loop by answering the question and aligns you with them if you think you could work together.

Remember: Their body language will tell you most of what you need to know but ASK them if “that makes sense?”