"Social media is for people. It's not for brands." Our Approach to Facebook.

OneNineNinety is on Facebook as a Brand Page, but we're not actively building up the community.

It's not that Facebook isn't a valuable tool for us to reach potential and existing clients, thought leaders, new hires and other stakeholders, but what our strategy for this company comes down to is a simple premise:

"Social media is for people. It's not for brands."

-Mark Ritson, Adjunct Professor at the Melbourne Business School

For those who know my background as the 'Pioneer of Social Media in Politics,' this may seem counter to my earlier work. But obviously, it's not if you consider that politics is mainly about Leaders and movements are about groups of people rallying behind an idea.

The reality is that Facebook forces brands to advertise to reach their own fan base, which seems antithetical to building an authentic community of people.  And the efficacy of these brand pages even with advertising is also questioned.

I literally can't think of the last time I saw a brand page in my feed that wasn't connected to an event, sponsored or shared by a friend.

We have decided that our team and our advocates will be better at reaching our audience through our personal pages and network.

Just this week, three new leads!

Facebook has now created a culture of asking questions and seeking recommendations from your personal network. No brand is going to chime in on a question and it may not be considered credible if it did.

Brands can only push out a message and (sometimes) respond to direct mentions; not pay attention to everything in a newsfeed and be a participant. Oh wait, brands don't have a newsfeed, a page is just something you manage.

You get my point. We're focusing our Facebook efforts  for OneNineNinety on our personal pages so that we can make meaningful connections. Here's mine:  David All.

Let's work together!