Why we named our blog after an emoji and the meaning of Keep it 100

In our connected world of communication, symbols like emojis provide fun ways for us to express what we're trying to say without words. Some take on special meanings to each of us -- and doubtless we all have our favorites.

As I started thinking about the overall brand expression of the content on the OneNineNinety blog, the 💯, as a brand, was the most obvious and definitive choice.

For us and especially our audience, it might be easy to take for granted that the 1-9-90 Principle which we're named after leaves no one out, each piece totals 100 percent every time, and it represents the entirety of an audience.

To be obvious - 1+9+90 = 100 every time. But as communicators, we know that not everyone in an audience is equal or the same.

This whole-ness of every audience we consider is valuable to me and one I hope we never forget.

The meaning of the 💯 emoji represents a way of expressing 'Keep it real.' And this meaning fits our philosophy tenet, 'True Stories Matter,' perfectly. Another reminder that when it comes to stories, 'Keep it real,' no more myths. 

As with all blog titles and the content, we merely hope that the content provides another view into our thinking, approach to communication and the care we have for our craft.

Enjoy, comment, share and obviously, Keep it 💯