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OneNineNinety is named
for the 1-9-90 Rule

  • 1% create content

  • 9% engage with content, and

  • 90% consume content

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Logo designed by Kyle Knapp

Logo designed by Kyle Knapp

OneNineNinety was founded in January 2017 by David All

Previously, David built the first social media agency in politics and advocacy (David All Group, 2007-2013).

As an internet pioneer in Washington, David mastered the art of stakeholder storytelling to build movements. Ironically, he was both the first to mention “Obamacare” on Twitter and Barack Obama direct messaged him the day he joined Twitter.

The 1-9-90 Rule, the inspiration for the OneNineNinety brand, was his strategic approach to choosing the most impactful stories to tell to build communities authentically. Before knowing the rule, it’s how he operated as a communicator.

So the brand means something sacred and deeper. The essence of the brand is also this passion for process, methods, principles and modes of communication. Storytelling is timeless, repeatable, and everywhere all the time — but it’s bound by things like narrative theory, formulas, arcs, and shapes, the 1-9-90 Rule, and Aristotle’s three modes of persuasion in Rhetoric. And so much more.

It begs the question: Is the craft of storytelling art or science?