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Your Brand Has Great Stories

We are skilled storytellers.
Writers, editors & designers.

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We guide your brand to tell the best stories.

The best stories reach and motivate more customers.

Stories are the connection between customers and the brands we love.

Through understanding, we learn a brand's 'why.'

  • Why you matter to your customers
  • Why you matter to your employees
  • Why you matter to your industry 

Each product and service line can have a different story.

And a different customer.

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Hi, I'm David All.

My classical-training as a storyteller started as a speechwriter for a U.S. Senator.

I then pioneered social media in politics, created award-winning marketing campaigns for global brands, and have produced dozens of storytelling events. 

Over the past 18 years, storytelling has been the linchpin in my career.

I started OneNineNinety because I love working with creative experts on meaningful projects.

And when my clients tell their greatest stories -- reflecting their vision, values and especially why they matter -- that motivates me.

Our clients love to see and hear their story enthusiastically embraced and repeated by their customers and employees.

Let's work together!

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Experienced Storytellers

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Why the Name?

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OneNineNinety is named for the 1-9-90 Rule.

  • In communities, 1% create content. 
  • 9% engage with that content, and  
  • 90% consume what is there.

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