The Audience is the Message

Our Namesake: 1-9-90 Principle

On the Internet, one percent (or less) create all of the content, nine percent engage with content, and 90 percent consume what is there.

We didn't make it up, but the our unique understanding of the 1-9-90 Principle and how to apply it to your target audience is our differentiator.


Your Audience is a Partner, Not a Target


Audience > Message > Design > Experience


Message > Design > Execution


Brand Strategy from Audience


Your audience is a group of people filled with stories and insights about your brand and why they love it. Our process focuses on listening to what they have to say.

Brand Stories & Strategy

By aligning what we have learned about the audience and how they want to connect to your brand, we develop a winning communication strategy.

Our approach to communications and branding is simple: true stories about real people resonate more powerfully, and stick around longer, than any other messages.
— Leo Hoar, PhD, Director of Storytelling and Research


Brand Story & Strategy

A brand that is grounded in a well-crafted, true story not only draws in customers; it clarifies a company’s mission for customers and employees, creating a long-lasting culture to which both can become deeply attached.




Retail & eCommerce

Large retailers throughout the country are closing brick-and-mortar stores in favor of robust eCommerce platforms. Small businesses looking to stay competitive are taking note and looking to understand how best to approach eCommerce or better optimize their existing platform.


Case Studies


How did multiple stakeholders co-design the online presence of the most influential trade association in the country?


How does the world's largest PC manufacturer align its global marketing team?

CASE STUDY Speaker's Bureau

How can leaders learn to confidently tell the greatest stories?