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We solve your ‘Grant-speak’ problem

Non-profit leaders and company CEOs are steeped in their industry and day-to-day responsibilities making it difficult for them to even explain what it is they do.

We call this problem “Grantspeak” which is communicating in industry jargon that simply doesn’t make sense to most people.

You bet they dumb it down and still it’s not clear what their organization or company actually does.

As the audience, the moment we are confused, the connection to the brand is lost.

When confusing messaging starts at the top, all core brand and messaging resources tends to follow.

This is the number one communication problem for most organizations we work with.


Clear branding & messaging

Yes, it’s that simple.

We have an efficient method to learn the language, concepts, and stories from all stakeholders - in their words.

Our distance from the story is a good thing; we see and note what matters.

We develop clear messages that move stakeholders, stimulating them to engage and support the mission.

Website copy, reports, editorial calendars, websites, videos and messaging templates for the brand platform.

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Case Study

Better Business Bureau is a network of 105 independently incorporated non-profits in North America

Better Business Bureau

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To roll out an award program to BBBs ASAP to build a meaningful relationship with BBBs and young entrepreneurs and new business owners


OneNineNinety developed a comprehensive Brand + Marketing Toolkit for BBBs to come to the table with the right voice from the get go

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Meet David All

Founder of OneNineNinety

Classically-trained communicator, amateur chef & foster youth advocate


David has empathy for great organizations and businesses that are really bad at telling their own story. OneNineNinety exists to develop clear messaging that connects them to their audience and increase impact.

David’s 20 year career as a leader in communication climbs through various industries.

As a speechwriter for a US Senator to then pioneering how to use social media in politics, he was classically-trained to communicate clearly in all mediums. He developed major marketing campaigns for Intel, Google, Lenovo and Burning Man. Most recently he’s worked with non-profits, including the Better Business Bureau, Ohio Living and Autism Power.

After creating a substance abuse clinic for a non-profit, he felt called to create the ‘Recovery Deserts’ project with The Ohio State University which may lead to solving part of the opioid epidemic. He is a co-author of the academic paper which shines a light on those underserved persons needing recovery services that are stuck in geographic areas without access to transportation.

Based in Los Angeles, David volunteers and backs a foster youth program in Compton, is learning to be a culinary wiz and tends to his 18 plants. He spends most conference calls walking his two French Bulldogs, Jackson and Stella.

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