Small Business Retailers Embracing a Smart Approach to eCommerce

Large retailers throughout the country are closing brick-and-mortar stores in favor of robust eCommerce platforms. Small businesses looking to stay competitive are taking note and looking to understand how best to approach eCommerce or better optimize their existing platform.

We have developed a product, eCommerce Strategic Blueprint, which provides comprehensive analysis and strategic recommendations designed specifically to maximize online revenue.


The eCommerce Strategic Blueprint provides technical recommendations along with storytelling value of inventory -- perhaps the most important indicator in the value of unique products. 

  • review of current technology platform and make recommendations, 
  • customer optimization and conversion audit,
  • inventory availability audit (storytelling/scale),
  • competitive analysis, 
  • brand analysis, and
  • media plan (PPC, social, earned, etc.)

Are you ready to optimize your eCommerce strategy and grow online revenue? Our eCommerce Strategic Blueprint will boost sales.