Classically-Trained Storyteller

Click to Download Résumé - Revised July 2017

Click to Download Résumé - Revised July 2017

David All, Founder

I am a classically-trained communications professional with 16+ years of crafting messages, building and protecting brands online, and stakeholder storytelling. Beyond the basics, I have a demonstrated interest in exploring, learning about and evolving the art and science of communication.

A competent and versatile communicator: Both a visionary and a doer, I am as effective on-stage or on-camera, as drafting a speech, writing a deck or developing a brand or strategy around a product launch. I embrace emerging and traditional mediums with grace and message discipline.

  • 10,000+ hours in political communications; speechwriter for a US Senator, pioneered the use of social media on Capitol Hill and considered a leading social media crisis communicator for response to infamous “You Lie!” moment.

  • Founded first social media agency in politics; crafted social media campaigns based on movement-building (messaging and storytelling) instead of advertising, developed and implemented online strategy for Intel, Google, Lenovo, Burning Man and more. Expert at partner marketing.

  • Heart-filled social entrepreneurship; organized world’s first ‘wearable tech hackathon’ for civic good, a video game development hackathon for global good, and stepped up to create an Opioid Recovery Clinic to tackle the worst epidemic in history. Now leading 'Recovery Deserts' Project to merge Big Data with Tiny Data solutions.

  • Created Startup Storytellers, a SxSW for entrepreneur storytelling; annual event that focuses on the authentic journey of the entrepreneur instead of the contemporary story, gathers entrepreneurial millennials.

  • Ultimate Connector; I get to know everyone in town, understand who the connectors and influencers are, and then connect the connectors.