Eco-Sustainability Community Developer Understands Value of Story, We Help Unearth it from the Community and Align the Strategy to Tell the Story

A brand that is grounded in a well-crafted, true story not only draws in customers; it clarifies a company’s mission for customers and employees, creating a long-lasting culture to which both can become deeply attached.

We propose to develop both the brand story of the community and a step-by-step strategy for its implementation.  Using our multi-pronged research process, we would identify the right pieces of the story to tell and the best way to tell it in order to both resonate with consumers and to position the community as a thought leader in sustainable business practices in Columbus and beyond.  


For this project, we would include all of the foundational tools to be utilized by an in-house marketing team. We like to continue working alongside our clients from a strategic perspective, and that often means empowering their in-house communicators with the tools and knowledge to succeed and grow in their role.

  • Website design and development

  • Story development and framework (messaging foundation)

  • Sample social media calendar

  • Announcement thought leadership piece (blog posts for website)

  • Talking points (for internal team)

  • Media plan (suggested approach)


Are you launching a new business, product or service? Our Brand Story & Strategy will cover all your bases.