New Tool: Storygraphics to Own Your Narrative

I was recently named to Columbus Alive's class of 2017 'People to Watch.' Each year they choose the eight most interesting folks worth paying attention to.

The story about me captured all of the moments in my life that no other journalist has covered. My friend Joe Byler told me yesterday that my story is one of bravery, courage and vulnerability.

Of all the media, this is the best ever; and great PR is never coincidence. Storygraphics were the differentiator.

At the start of my interview for the piece with journalist Joel Oliphint, he pulled from his bag a printout of the 'Shape of My Story,' an infographic tracking my life to the narrative of the Hero's Journey (a true story).

My storytelling prop, I call it a Storygraphic, was the foundation for the interview, showing exact moments in my life where decisions were made, challenges were overcome, and positive milestones reached.

The Storygraphic was included in the story:

All has a firm grasp of his story — so much so, in fact, that he created a line graph of his life with “Leadership Development” on the Y axis and his age on the X axis. All plotted various points in his life, and the white line connecting the dots peaks a little after age 30, but then a red line charts a massive descent under the heading “Crucible.”

Storygraphics  Key to Owning Narrative & Reputation with media

Owning my story at has been an ongoing process. In fact, the writing process has allowed me to go very deep into my story as new pieces open. I did not create the 'Shape of My Story' as a tool for public relations and reputation management, but as a communications professional, I now see it as essential.

I have written hundreds of press releases, op-eds and speeches, but the Storygraphic is a new medium, a more modern approach, to owning a narrative. Particularly a story that takes place over time or hasn't been well-reported.

If you are interested in learning about my process on this particular Storygraphic, check out this blog post. I'm in the process of revising the model once again, the article provides a deep gust of wind in my sails worth noting, so stay tuned.