Meet Our Team

 David All; Founder and CEO

David All; Founder and CEO

David All


For nearly 20 years David has skillfully used storytelling to build and protect brands. As a speechwriter for a U.S. Senator, he was classically-trained in storytelling and communication strategy. He’s a full-stack storyteller, developing winning messages for startups, blockchain, global technology brands Intel and Google, non-profits, and individuals including entrepreneurs, executives, and an Olympic Silver Medalist.

 Heidi Khaled, PhD; Director

Heidi Khaled, PhD; Director

Heidi Khaled, PhD


Heidi has a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication and 13 years of experience researching and writing about social behavior and consumer trends. As a senior marketing and messaging strategist, Heidi has helped companies and organizations including Amazon, Nike, and Mozilla answer critical business questions, and provide consumers and audiences with messages that are relatable, meaningful, and memorable.


Kyle Knapp


Kyle is a visual communication designer with experience in both print and digital media.As the designer for OneNineNinety, he works to ensure that visual storytelling is an integral part of a communication strategy. Combining design and writing, he participates in the crafting of a story from beginning to end.

 Logo designed by Kyle Knapp

Logo designed by Kyle Knapp


Company background

OneNineNinety was founded in January 2017 by David All

Previously, David built the first social media agency in politics and advocacy (David All Group, 2007-2013).

As an internet pioneer in Washington, David mastered the art of stakeholder storytelling to build movements.

The 1-9-90 Rule, the inspiration for the OneNineNinety brand, was his strategic approach to choosing the most impactful stories to tell to build communities.