The Audience is the Message

Our Namesake: 1-9-90 Principle

In every  Internet community, one percent (or less) create all of the content, nine percent engage with content, and 90 percent consume what is there. [Wikipedia]

Applying the 1-9-90 Principle to your audience allows us to logically partner and build relationships with those that matter most.

Our approach to communications and branding is simple: true stories about real people resonate more powerfully, and stick around longer, than any other messages.
— Leo Hoar, PhD, Director of Storytelling and Research

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Brand Story & Strategy

A brand that is grounded in a well-crafted, true story not only draws in customers; it clarifies a company’s mission for customers and employees, creating a long-lasting culture to which both can become deeply attached.

We've mastered the art of stakeholder management and audience listening to craft a beautifully effective narrative and implementation strategy.



Retail & eCommerce

Large retailers throughout the country are closing brick-and-mortar stores in favor of robust eCommerce platforms. Small businesses looking to stay competitive are taking note and looking to understand how best to approach eCommerce or better optimize their existing platform.

We apply a comprehensive method to create the best roadmap forward to bring in online revenue.



Winning Pitch Decks

Before building a pitch deck, download  our free Pitch Deck Checklist. It will clarify the message, the intention, and all the particulars you should think about before you start designing.

We work with startup founders to develop masterpieces to help their deck stand-out and win investment.


Case Studies


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