We are strategic storytellers, writers and designers creating authentic stories to achieve business goals.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Content
    Audience and Stakeholder Storytelling

  • Creating long-form deliverables
    Annual reports, board presentations, technical white papers, speeches

  • Branding
    Brand ethos, naming, logo and mark creation

  • Website Design and Development
    We design to how your audience says it  should work

  • All Forms of Message Crafting and Distribution
    Animated video explainer videos, media releases, op-eds

  • Digital, SEO/SEM, Social Media campaigns

  • Communication team training and reorganization


Our Namesake:

1-9-90 Principle

In every  Internet community, one percent (or less) create all of the content, nine percent engage with content, and 90 percent consume what is there. [Wikipedia]

Applying the 1-9-90 Principle (right) to your audience allows us to logically partner and build relationships with those that matter most.

This is our Audience-First philosophy in action.


Hello, is it me you're looking for? 

I am a classically-trained communicator with a track-record of adapting winning messages to all mediums with grace.

My professional communication career started in Washington, D.C. as speechwriter for a U.S. Senator.

Here I noticed that great speeches are riddled with   true, authentic stories. They are relatable, and how we communicate.

 True stories  from your audience should guide every communication and marketing decision. This is why OneNineNinety exists. 

I am versatile. One day I am writing major stories like white papers and annual reports, to building brands and creating online strategies, to inventing new Field Tools.

 Please review my background and expertise  and let me know if you are open to working together. OK, if not!


 David All

Founder and CEO


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