We Believe Your Story Matters.

Let us help you write it.

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We create brand stories.

  • Why a brand matters

    • to its customers, employees, industry 

    • today, right now!

Our process works.

We'd love to tell you about it.



Hi, I'm David All.

I'm a Full-Stack Storyteller.

- Speechwriter for a U.S. Senator
- Pioneered social media in politics
- Led marketing campaigns for global brands, and
- Produced dozens of storytelling events

I am a writer and storytelling is my linchpin.

When our clients tell their greatest stories -- reflecting their vision, values and why they matter -- that motivates me.

At this moment I'm sitting in Newport Beach at a client's office. The brand ethos we wrote is displayed on their walls. That's a good story.


David All
Founder & CEO

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 Donald Clark
 Laura Tamaya
 Arthur Rogers
 Arthur Brown
 Diana Scott
 Jacqueline Long
 Jean Sharma
 Christina Manalad

Why OneNineNinety?

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OneNineNinety is named for the
1-9-90 Rule.

  • In communities, 1% create content 
  • 9% engage with that content and  
  • 90% consume what is there

Read about 1-9-90 on Wikipedia ➝

Why this matters?

Not every story is equal.
A few can move the masses.

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