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Hi, I'm David All

Founder/ceo of OneNineNinety, a brand storytelling group based in Los Angeles


Storytelling is the linchpin of my 20 year career.

- Speechwriter for a U.S. Senator
- Speaking coach for an Olympic Silver Medalist
- Developed a White Paper for a leading Blockchain
- Pioneered social media in politics and advocacy
- Created online marketing campaigns for big brands
- Produced over 40 storytelling events

While Jiro dreams of sushi,
I dream up stories that bring us together.

The brand ethos, the essence of a brand, is that singular story connecting a brand and its audience.

This story is the heart of our work; translating it to your brand platform can be collaborative.

Let’s work together!

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Donald Clark
Laura Tamaya
Arthur Rogers
Arthur Brown
Diana Scott
Jacqueline Long
Jean Sharma
Christina Manalad

Why OneNineNinety?

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OneNineNinety is named for the
1-9-90 Rule.

  • 1% create content online

  • 9% engage with that content, and

  • 90% consume what is there

Read about 1-9-90 on Wikipedia ➝

Why this matters?

Not every story is equal.
A few will move the masses.
The audience is the message.

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